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the best part about art history

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today i met a girl named mary who told me why she loves learning about art history:

“i want to behold beautiful things well—cherish them and offer them to God.”

i like that.

stuff for my future maybe-grandkids

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here’s a list of neat things i’ve done in the past month that i hope to share with my maybe-grandkids one day.

  • i travelled with a team as part of a four country art gallery tour
  • we threw bananas at monkeys
  • we ate in an old fortress
  • we pet an elephant under a tarp in the middle of nowhere
  • we rode in a tuktuks
  • i ate brain for the first time
  • i fed a cow
  • we were part of a small movement that inspired others to do art galleries
  • we participated in a night of prayer that turned into a dance party
  • our team played a small role in the discipleship of young believers

seven wonders of the world

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1. the dance of light

2. onions

3. the way you tilt your head to eat a taco

4. the fade of an old quilt

5. laughing so hard it is not you making the sounds, but a reaction escaping you

6. the crispness of the air in november

7. bees

new blue jeans

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my nickname is very special to me. and it is often memorable for people who aren’t used to hearing my given name. my friend reminded me that it is not my nickname which makes me memorable.

we were talking with rachel and he wondered whether people call her “rach.” he said he’s noticed that friends of rachels often call them “rach.”

she said, “yes, sometimes,” then leaned in asked, “do you want to know a secret?”

he said, “of course.”

“her name is rachel too,” pointing at me.

my friend faced me and exclaimed, “rach!”

then he said to me, “‘jeans’ is a good name, but people might forget your name eventually. people will remember you, not because of your special name, but because you are. they will remember some of the things you did, but really they will remember how they felt around you.”

i hope people feel like a new pair of jeans when they’re around me.

neighbors? neighbors.

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i made a new friend in the gallery this week. we spent over an hour an a half walking and talking about art and ideas. as we walked through the gallery, one theme we kept coming back to is that love is a choice—love has to be a verb and it has to be chosen. we have a lot of power—choose better.

choose to love.

choose to allow others to love you.

when we reached toby’s piece, we talked about the artist’s question to the audience—isn’t this man also our neighbor? we noted the power given to us with the placement of the bolt cutters since one of the handles is very close to where one’s hand would be when standing in the center of the piece—it is as if one could reach up and take hold of the cutters.

my friend pointed to the bolt cutter and said, “this is me—the artist has given us the choice here, and this is me. will we walk by or will we step into that space?”

he looked at me and asked, “neighbors?”

i nodded and replied, “neighbors.”


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while we were setting up the gallery on the first day in southern asia, there was a group of younger men hanging out in the cafe. after we had finished, they got up to leave, but one hung back to look at the gallery. i asked him if he’d like to walk through the space together—he said no, he had already seen most of it. i asked which piece was his favorite. he looked around and said the gallery statement. he said that the art is good but the idea is everything.

you’re absolutely right—it is everything.