drinks that match the ambiance: gunpowder, treason, and plot

[this blog post will be best paired with tchaikovsky’s “1812 overture”]

today is my favorite day of the year.

the fifth of november.

every year, on november the fifth, i watched v for vendetta, and i have it timed so that when it changes from the fourth to the fifth in the movie, it also changes in real life.

this year marks my fifth watch party for v for vendetta.

the annual showing has evolved since its inception–in honor of the fifth showing, i am taking time to remember something that each year offered:


for my first showing, i based the timing off the first date change from the fourth to the fifth (there are two in the movie because it follows the characters for a year). that scene happens within the first three minutes of the movie, so i essentially started the movie at midnight. there were a lot of sleeping friends in my dorm room that year–it presented a learning opportunity


this year, i chose to base the timing of the movie off the second transition from the fourth to the fifth. my friends actually watched the movie this year.


this was the first year that i made eggie in the basket for my viewers (a breakfast food featured in the movie).

this added greatly to the ambiance i was trying to create–watching a movie, in sync with the date and time on which the plot hinged, and eating the same food the characters were eating.


there were about 30 people in my living room this year–making it my largest showing yet. my house and my heart were very full as i sat with dear friends, family, and some strangers to celebrate my favorite day of the year.


this year, was a group effort–that made it particularly special to me. i don’t have a very large tv, so my friends, cameron and cassandra, said they would be able to host the party. i didn’t have a lot of snacks, so everyone who came to the party brought something to share. my personal favorite goes out to leah who frosted the v on brownies. as the party went on, other people took over the cooking of eggie in the baskets. things are better when they’re shared.


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