drinks that match the ambiance: a slushy

[this blog post will be best read with lord huron’s “frozen pines”]

after the conference this week, we had time to do some sight seeing, and we wanted to make it a priority to see lake michigan.

as we gathered in the van sunday morning, cameron asked who was going to get in the lake with him today.

it didn’t take long for me to agree, and kayla soon joined the squad.

i proposed a friendly competition of who could stay in the water the longest submerged up to one’a ankles.

cameron and kayla accepted.

after walking around the beach for a bit and taking group selfies on the dock, it was time.

the three of us shed our shoes, took a deep breath, ran forward, and halted after two steps (we only needed our ankles covered).

michigan was in the upper 20s and low 30s that day–the water was 48 degrees.

kayla was the first to fold after a minute or two.

after that it became a point of pride. cameron and i both decided that we had come too far.

so we waited.

and waited.

we were in the water for nearly half an hour.

sorry. that’s what it felt like.

we stayed ankle deep in lake michigan between seven and eight minutes.

cameron’s feet got to the point where they looked like they belonged to a dead body, and when he was afraid that he would suffer nerve damage, he too folded.

and i emerged victorious.

i guess alaska did build me up for something–bragging rights.

but at the very least, i experienced lake michigan in its fullness.


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