when the gourds go rotting…

[this blog is best paired with alanis morissette’s “ironic”]

sometimes things don’t work out the way you expect.

that’s been the theme of many of my art projects over the years. lately, i’ve been making prints out of things that shouldn’t be. during november and december i spent a lot of time making prints from the cross sections of gourds. today, i started carving bars of soap.

many of the details carved in the soap were lost to the acrylic paint i was using, and eventually glued the soap back together. this is a stamp that will require a lot of maintenance.

in the end the print did not hold as much detail as i thought it might, but i discovered a new way of printmaking and was inspired for a new series (more to come on that later).

my prints rarely work out the way i see them in my mind when i set out to make them, but i have found more joy in the process of making than in the final product.


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