the onion

[this blog post is best paired with colin & caroline’s “i believe in a thing called love”]

tonight is edit: wonder—a show based on artists’ responses to the wonder of God. i’m one of the featured artists.

here’s my artist statement:

I’m taking time to appreciate things I’ve always noticed, but to see them as more—to give new thoughts to them.

In the 20th century, Duchamp’s readymade, “Fountain,” taught us that art is art not because of the quality of work, but because of the context. In response to Duchamp’s “Fountain,” Beatrice Wood wrote: “Whether Mr Mutt with his own hands made the fountain or not has no importance. He chose it. He took an ordinary article of life, placed it so that its useful significance disappeared under the new title and point of view—created a new thought for that object.” 

God chose onions. That choice is everything. His choice is extravagant and this choice to create—which didn’t stop at the onion—that leaves me breathless.

On a much smaller scale, and much like Duchamp, my prints are made in the same vain—taking something ordinary and placing it in a context that views it as something significant. 

I’m taking time to elevate mundane things and cherish them outside of their usefulness—and even consider them holy.


no reason

[this blog post is best paired with grouplove’s “i’m with you”]

there’s no reason for

irises to make me as

happy as they do.

i imagine this is how

vincent felt to sunflowers.


[this blog post is best paired with william baskinski’s “dlp 2.1”]

i may decide who i’m becoming. but most days i don’t want to be me—so i’m learning to make room.

He must increase, but I must decrease.


[this blog post is best paired with elton john’s “tiny dancer”]

evelyn is the youngest person i’ve ever held. and by far the tiniest. she’s amazing.

go nuts

[this blog post is best paired with hippo campus’ “baseball”]

i went to my first flying squirrels game tonight.

it was nuts. complete with a fake peanut pregnancy (i was caught) and nut race.

things worth celebrating

[this blog post is best paired with lil mama’s “lipgloss”]

the bean game is special to me.

it’s even more special when my friends ask me to play—instead of the other way around.

tonight needed beans. and so tonight was better because we had beans.


[this blog post is best paired with judah & the lion’s “better man”]

on the gallery tour the gallery statement ended by asking viewers to consider what their communities would look like if everyone chose to love every neighbor.

i think it’s easy to think about the things that would be missing from our communities—liter, crime, violence, etc. it takes a little more to think about what our communities would look like when they flourish—creative, inclusive, empowering, diverse.

tonight i was reading an article for our art as mission class, and one part of it talked about how the artist cannot be an echo of culture, but encourage powerful, innovative, and creative processes.

here’s what that future will look like:

affirmation circles

[this blog post is best paired with st. paul & the broken bones’ “like a mighty river”]

last friday we started praying for blessing for the good things we see in each other.

i was asked to draw a sketch of myself in 5 seconds or less—jeans.

and everyone in the room wrote a word or phrase which they later explained to me.

it is good to be seen. it is good to be known.