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a haiku for my mom

[this blog post is best paired with the righteous brothers’ “you’ve lost that lovin feelin”]

a local donut shop was offering free donuts to everyone who commented something about their mom on the shop’s facebook. then our office drove to claim our donuts.

lisa: a double take at my reflection—

i got her smile

and her confident posture

and her willing tears

spooky hands

[this blog post is best paired with sam and dave’s “hold on i’m comin'”]

tiny hands sneaking

three friends come to save the day

i get peace of mind

(i saw raccoon hands reaching through a hole into my apartment. i called in reinforcements. the situation has been neutralized.)

drinks that match the ambiance: soundtrack for your life

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today kris asked each of us to think of one song to add to another intern’s life soundtrack. i deeply appreciate this exercise.

a: she’s a bad mama jama by carl carlton

j: watching you by rodney atkins

moriah: woman (oh mama) by joy williams

kris: meant to live by switchfoot

bethany: eye of the tiger by survivor

jeans: blue (da ba dee) by eiffel 65

sarah: stronger (what doesn’t kill you) by kelly clarkson

rachel: baby i’m a star by prince


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tonight jess and i went to toby’s first friday show. and i saw what felt like an old friend hanging on the wall.

the onion

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tonight is edit: wonder—a show based on artists’ responses to the wonder of God. i’m one of the featured artists.

here’s my artist statement:

I’m taking time to appreciate things I’ve always noticed, but to see them as more—to give new thoughts to them.

In the 20th century, Duchamp’s readymade, “Fountain,” taught us that art is art not because of the quality of work, but because of the context. In response to Duchamp’s “Fountain,” Beatrice Wood wrote: “Whether Mr Mutt with his own hands made the fountain or not has no importance. He chose it. He took an ordinary article of life, placed it so that its useful significance disappeared under the new title and point of view—created a new thought for that object.” 

God chose onions. That choice is everything. His choice is extravagant and this choice to create—which didn’t stop at the onion—that leaves me breathless.

On a much smaller scale, and much like Duchamp, my prints are made in the same vain—taking something ordinary and placing it in a context that views it as something significant. 

I’m taking time to elevate mundane things and cherish them outside of their usefulness—and even consider them holy.

no reason

[this blog post is best paired with grouplove’s “i’m with you”]

there’s no reason for

irises to make me as

happy as they do.

i imagine this is how

vincent felt to sunflowers.


[this blog post is best paired with william baskinski’s “dlp 2.1”]

i may decide who i’m becoming. but most days i don’t want to be me—so i’m learning to make room.

He must increase, but I must decrease.