things worth celebrating: a playlist

[this blog post is best paired with semisonic’s “closing time”]

this blog post concludes my work as an intern.

almost every blog post i’ve written this year has been paired with an appropriate song.

this is a playlist with the songs from my blog–those that are available on spotify–listed in the order in which they appeared.


my best thought

[this blog post is best paired with the wood brothers’ “wastin my mind”]

i could spend a lot of time

thinking about grand things.

but i don’t have to give much

effort to make You my greatest,

most extravagant thought.

the fact that You are

is better

than all my best thoughts.

things worth celebrating: mom

[this blog post is best paired with the drifters’ “on broadway”]

when i was younger i wanted to be like my mom to leave lipstick stains on my cups just like her.

now i want to be like my mom for her inspiring optimism, endearing laughter, learner perspective, and impressionable heart.

a haiku for my mom

[this blog post is best paired with the righteous brothers’ “you’ve lost that lovin feelin”]

a local donut shop was offering free donuts to everyone who commented something about their mom on the shop’s facebook. then our office drove to claim our donuts.

lisa: a double take at my reflection—

i got her smile

and her confident posture

and her willing tears

spooky hands

[this blog post is best paired with sam and dave’s “hold on i’m comin'”]

tiny hands sneaking

three friends come to save the day

i get peace of mind

(i saw raccoon hands reaching through a hole into my apartment. i called in reinforcements. the situation has been neutralized.)

drinks that match the ambiance: soundtrack for your life

[this blog post is best paired with the doobie brothers’ “listen to the music”]

today kris asked each of us to think of one song to add to another intern’s life soundtrack. i deeply appreciate this exercise.

a: she’s a bad mama jama by carl carlton

j: watching you by rodney atkins

moriah: woman (oh mama) by joy williams

kris: meant to live by switchfoot

bethany: eye of the tiger by survivor

jeans: blue (da ba dee) by eiffel 65

sarah: stronger (what doesn’t kill you) by kelly clarkson

rachel: baby i’m a star by prince


[this blog post is best paired with alabama shakes’ “sound and color”]

tonight jess and i went to toby’s first friday show. and i saw what felt like an old friend hanging on the wall.